Link Revolut account to PayPal EUR balance

I am with a UK Limited company and we have a main GBP account and a secondary EUR account with a large UK retail bank. We also have a GBP balance and a EUR balance with PayPal.

However I cannot link the PayPal EUR balance to the EUR bank account because the bank doesn’t support “faster payments” for their EUR accounts. To get 1000 EUR from PayPal to the bank account, I must transfer the 1000 EUR from the PayPal EUR balance to the bank GBP account and then from there to the bank EUR account. After doing that, about 900 EUR remain due to fees and bad exchange rates.

How can Revolut business help with this problem?

I would like to sign up for Revolut business, create a GBP and EUR account in Revolut, and link them to PayPal , then transfer 1000 EUR from the PayPal EUR balance to the Revolut EUR account, and have 1000 EUR arrive in the Revolut account.

Will that work? If not, what would be the most cost efficient process to achieve a money transfer from the PayPal balance to the Revolut account?

Thank you

Have you tried what is said here Linking Revolut card to Paypal as GBP?