Link Physical Card to PayPal

I tried several times to link physical Revolut card to PayPal account but didn’t succeed.
PayPal declined card at the “add new card” wizard after all card info entered.

Is it possible to clarify why or any special requirements?

Could it relates to similar\different address as PayPal and Revolute require my current address?

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Try adding your revolut account (IBAN or UK depending on your paypal), it should work :slight_smile:

You can only withdraw money (Paypal > :r:) - Adding your card for payment should work…

so if my paypal acc registered to different from UK country adding Revolute card will not work.

Well, PayPal has the slow process of changing country and origin documents required(id or else) to proof my new location.

it is sad as for now I have 2 different addresses in paypal and revolute, sucj as UA and CY

If your paypal is in the EU, try adding the IBAN, it should work.

In my case, when I’ve tried to add my revolut card to PayPal, I had to contact with in-app support. They’ve changed something on their side and now everything works like a charm.

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