Link one card to two accounts?


Hi. Me and my girlfriend had this idea that using a shared revolut card would be a great idea to keep track of our joint expenses. For this, we thought that having two accounts that we could link to one card would be a great solution. This does’nt seem to be possible. Is there something we can do to solve this?


This was never possible, anywhere. A card for two accounts… (except Curve, but it’s a different thing).

Two card, two accounts.
Or one account, two cards (when Revolut will release joint accounts).


Would you mind elaborating this?


In the future there will be Family Cards for Premium. I think that was announced at an event 2-3 Month ago.


You can link more cards (accounts from different banks) to one curve card :slight_smile:
And don’t carry 6 cards with you, take just the curve one and use it to pay (select in app which card to use)


I do use Curve, and now I see that I have misunderstood you. I thought that you are writing about possibility of having Curve card connected to someone’s else’s Revolut account.


I never though of it and this is indeed a good idea…