Link existing card


Hi I need to like my existing card to new phone. It won’t let me, anyone got any ideas? Don’t really want to have to buy a new card…

Thanks :blush:


Hey @Saffers :slight_smile:

If you have changed your phone number, you should change the phone number linked to your account through the app (More->Profile) :wink:

If you sign up again / login with a new number, you create a duplicate account which will not have your cards, funds or data :frowning:

@AndreasK, is merging duplicate accounts possible? :angel:


Thanks for your reply. My phone got stolen so that’s why I have a new account. If I can merge accounts that would be very handy!


If you switch phone numbers, it is possible for :r: to change the details for your account from your old number to your new one.

Contact :r: on Facebook or Twitter and see if they can help you out from there.


Hi @Saffers If you would like to switch the phone number linked to your account please send me a message.