Link card

Hello support
I have problem i can’t link my card i test three method (nfc, photo, code) nothing work.if you can help me with my issues I would appreciate
Thanks in advance for your reply


Do you mean linking revolut card or card from which you are going to top up?
I suppose that the second :wink:
So do you have any error message?
Which steps are available and which you cannot go through?

Sorry it is a revolut card

Did you order it from within the app? In that case it is already linked. But as mentioned above please provide the options/error message you have with a screenshot.

Sorry it is a revolut card

Message error (this card has been terminated)

I think i have make a mistake :sweat_smile:

I have delete the virtual card when the plastic revolut Was in transit that not sound Good ?

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It doesn’t matter.
So try contact via in-app support (do not forget to type live agent)
Here you can get a help from @AndreasK (when he is on his shift :grin:)
You can try contact the via DM on Twitter too.

I cannot see any physical cards linked to your account. Only virtual ones.

Sorry the card is not link i can’t link it to my account it is a revolut card i Just ordre a few days ago by the app she doesn’t work i test it in my country for a small amount 1€i Follow the paper rules, i enter the pin for pay i got a ticket (abandon card)

Where did you get this card from?