Link Card to a Vault

I think it would be a great if you could link a certain card to a vault.

So if I save an certain amount to a vault named “holiday” and if I pay with a certain card then it would be paid directly out of the vault.


This. Besides giving you improved control over your money, this feature would double as a joint account workaround. And very convenient if you can dynamically assign cards.


There’s a fintech in the UK called HyperJar doing this :slight_smile:

Setting up automatic recurring payments with Vaults would be great too.

For Example, for rent or the like, move the money out of your normal account and put it aside for the rent and the recurring payment automatically takes it from a vault


Came here for this! A virtual or physical card linked to a vault is the only feature I need right now. Monzo does it. I’m already paying for Revolut and don’t want to pay for another bank to get the feature

In addition to a card / virtual card, linking a scheduled payment or direct debit to a vault (including a shared vault) would be pretty smart too :+1:
That would be a workaround for the Pockets feature, which is pretty poor in its current implementation

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Linking a card to a vault would be awesome

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I think this would be a great addition, also perhaps allowing different virtual cards for vaults/pockets?

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I think N26 have just activated such a feature. It would be awesome to have multiple virtual cards linked to different vaults like bunq.


Necrobumping this. Still a feature missing from Revolut and we’re almost in 2023…

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+1 this would be a very welcome addition!

Especially if you go on vacation like mentioned earlier or to manage certain budgets in general.
Also i could think of this as a safety feature, for example when i have to use my card in “shady” places, it could be linked to a vault with little funds, just to be sure!

I think most other fintechs have this option already, e.g. N26 and Vivid in Germany.


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The difficulty I see here is that it complicates transactions involving FX exchange. Linking cards to vaults would work, no complaints here, and people like it for being simple. That’s a good reason to like something.

But I would be more excited about new ways to set up envelope budgeting, that feel more adequate and “digital” in their user experience. Especially for Revolut, where the idea of one card for multiple currency accounts is still one of the core ideas.

With hard wired cards, you would end up with two different modi—that could live next to each other—but does not sound elegant at all to me. “If your card is linked to a vault, this is how FX exchange works, and if it’s not linked to a vault, FX exchange works differently …”

While it would provide some additional security for funds on the main accounts, there are already plenty of options like disposable cards, card freezing, card spending limits that can be as low as 1 EUR … that work independently from clearing out funds. I don’t think sub accounts need to tackle this as well.

If I remember this correctly, the UK version of the app does allow to link cards to vaults or pockets or crypto accounts … This enables card spending “with” crypto. Revolut calls it “crypto pocket” in the FAQs. I think it’s the equivalent to accounts here, and not a reference to Pockets which is a tool for recurring payments. I don’t have access to the UK app, so I don’t really have a clue if this is a vault, a pocket, a wallet or how this actually looks like from a UI perspective.

It’s not an easy balance between intuitiveness and sophistication.

I kind of hope Revolut at some point scraps Vaults and Pockets and starts with a fun and exciting new approach that works and makes (more) sense, without compromising its approach to simplifying multi currency accounts.


That would be a great idea! Upvoted…

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That would be so amazing if you could link a Card to anything like an Account (Currency), Pocket, Vault

Please don’t make it for Vaults only, it would be amazing to be able to link a Card to a Pocket as well.

I would also suggest a change to Pockets.

  1. Make it optional to fall back to the main account and instead decline transactions if the pocket is empty.
  2. Link a specific account as fallback (a specific currency)
  3. Set a currency for a pocket

– Edited, see new comment.

It would be amazing to have an option that the card declines if the pocket is not financed.

  1. is already possible. The pocket inherits the currency of the payment that you’re linking to it during set-up.

(Also, providing your brother a card is a violation of Revolut’s T&Cs. Revolut is hardly going to find this a convincing argument for a feature request. :neutral_face:)

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Awesome, I didn’t know that.

Whoops, I didn’t know it’s against Revoluts TOS to give my brother a card. I will delete the card to not violate the TOS. I don’t want my account to be locked for something like this. Good thing is the card is still on its way to him, so no harm was done yet :slight_smile:

Is it possible that my brother opens up a Revolut account in Chile and I can send him CLP over Revolut without fees? Then he could use his own card.


Customers can open a “Revolit Lite” account in Chile. I don’t know any details about who can open it or what the features are.

For a no-fee CLP transfer, Revolut Lite would have to support international P2P transfers similar to the regular app.

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Alright, thanks for the insights. I will tell him to try and see what Revolut Lite offers. I also wanted to open a joint account with my partner who lives in Chile and thought we could use Revolut to do that.

Revolut seemed like a viable way to transfer money from Germany to Chile without paying huge fees. I hope it works out.

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