Limits summary webpage

It seems that quite a lot of people are frustrated by the Revolut limits. Personally I think that it’s more about a lack of information ( or a lack of searching for information :slight_smile: )

One simple solution could be to create a single webpage that lists all the daily, monthly, yearly, top-up, cryotos… limits

Of course some precise amounts can not be provided ( I am thinking about daily limits ) for AML security reasons.

And a reminder about being proactive :slight_smile:


There was somehow rudementary information available in a certain app version. Unfortunately i could not manage to get that version and try it out to see those limits.

I fully agree and support that quest - it should be completely transparent which limits/caps you are having with a standard/premium/metal account.

Or just bring back that kind of information in the app - that’s ok too - even more conventient imho.

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I am using the newest version 5.40 and I can see the limits of my pricing plan…
Just do the following:

  1. open the app
  2. tap on more (bottom right)
  3. tap on profile (top right)
  4. tap on pricing plan (3rd item)
  5. here you should see your limits

Hope it helps

You can see this in the app by

  1. tapping on more (bottom right)
  2. tapping on profile (top right)
  3. tapping on pricing plan (3rd entry)
  4. here you can see your monthly limits

I use the newest version 5.41 for Android

There are more limits than this. Personal GBP accounts have various limits for outgoing transfers. The number of disposable cards per day is limited. The number of crypto transactions per day …

All these details are spread over various pages in the app, in the FAQs and the T&Cs. There’s no simple overview.

as Frank said, those are not the limits we are interested in as they are obvious according to your booked plan.
Generally there seem to be more limits in regards to yearly spending etc. which are more interesting as they have not been communicated officially but just vage.