Limits on SEPA and SWIFT


Dear Revolut support,

I’ve opened a EUR account in the app, and provided a 3rd party my SWIFT and SEPA details for them to pay me. The amount is just under €20.000.

This is not a currency transaction as the account with Revolut is in EURO and the payment is in EURO.

Can someone tell me if this transfer is going to be blocked, or if it will show up on my EUR account and what the fees really are?

Many similar posts, but they are all over the place, with many theories, and not answered by Revolut themselves.

Skip down to Limits on SEPA and SWIFT for screenshots of an IM with a Revolut support person. Hope this helps someone else in the future.



Why would you transfer so much money to a prepaid Credit Card you just opened. I can foresee already that your account will be blocked.


Yes, you might ask for trouble. :wink:

Fully verify your account fist.

Incoming funds undergo an automated fraud detection process if they are not from an account in your own name. That delays allocation of funds. This is what they tell you in the FAQs:

Yes, you can receive third party transfers from friends and family directly into your Revolut account in any of these supported currencies …

This reads to me like they carefully crafted the text to imply transfers from businesses that are not your employer might cause you trouble. Please understand that Revolut is not a bank account but an app with a prepaid card for spending regulated under e-money license.

(The app mentions only for the “personal local” GBP and EUR accounts that one can get salary.)


@yongeneglinton, @frank

Thank you both for your responses, but I wish you had not. I specifically addressed my query to Revolut support, as these forums are littered with threads with peoples opinions, and no facts. I was hoping this thread would either be left unanswered, or answered by Revolut, and therefore with facts.

Neither of you have any facts; Its none of @yongeneglinton business as to why i want to be paid via revolut, nor does he know when my EUR account was opened. @Frank, you don’t know its not my employer that pays me, and yes, maybe its is for my personal use, and not a business. Also, maybe I do not care about delays. While both you mean well, neither of you have provided any facts that help me, or anyone else.

As it happens, you have both managed to ruin this for me, and anyone else looking for facts and this thread has ended up and yet another useless thread. Thanks alot.

Please do not respond, unless you can offer facts. More theories, guesses what the circumstances are, helps no-one.



Frank has actually given you a very well written response. If you don’t want to make your business public then you should direct message Andreas and not post this publicly.


First and foremost, this is a user forum where users help users. Your response is one of the rudest I have read. I did in fact cite information that were posted by Revolut staff in this forum, from the FAQs or that are present in the app itself.


Actually, Franks response is wrong. I’m currently in dialog with Revolut support via the app. I’ll post the full chat here in a few minutes.

While @Frank and @yongeneglinton probably mean well, they have no facts and are probably a little hurt by being called out.

Attached are screenshots of a dialog with a Revolut support person. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.


Whatever I’m getting cheese fries :fries:


Well, I am happy to stand corrected or to link my sources for the details I mentioned.


Frank won’t worry about it


Well, I mentioned the personal EUR IBAN account details where one could get paid by third parties. The support confirmed that. And I could have pointed you to this thread where Revolut staff explained this before.

I am glad at least you got the details you needed from support chat. Have a good day.