Limits on Savings Vaults

sorry if I write here, but I am not able to open a new topic.

Is there a limit in how much I can put on a saving vaults and get interest?
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Great, thank you so much!!!

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Hi @geniaco, and welcome to our Community :wave:

The maximum you can save using Savings Vaults is €100,000, per partner bank.

The €100,000 limit is due to the Deposit Guarantee Schemes, which only guarantee up to €100,000 per person per bank. We want to keep you protected. If you reach €100,000 then firstly well done, and secondly, we’ll notify you to choose a new bank for future deposits to be paid into (this functionality is coming soon).

All your savings with a particular bank count towards the €100,000, so if you have another account outside of Savings Vaults you should count that too.

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Thank you so much for helping out @Graham_Lees :pray:

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not much point in having the tools and not doing something positive with them :slightly_smiling_face:
Glad to help, as always. I hope it saved the OPs question from being lost in a unrelated topic.
I’m sure the question will be of interest to others and easier to locate.

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Thank you for your quick reply, that is very nice.
So I can put up too 100.000 in my saving vaults and this will give me interest of 1.65%, ( I have received an email today about that).
After that I was a bit lost, I will need to choose another bank rather than Revolut, correct?

thank you.

That is true indeed! And, hopefully it will help many others :pray:


Thank you for your reply.
Just to clarify, ARE stays for annual equivalent rate, so 1.65% is calculated annually?

any update on this? could be useful