Limits in premium account

What is the limit in the premium account?
Thank you!

There are several kinds of limits. Only free ATM withdrawals and free FX conversion is different from the basic account, though. All other limits are the same, I believe. You need to be more specific about the kind of limit you’re interested in. Spending, transfers, top ups, … And may I suggest the Help Center, all limits are explained there.

I’m interested to know the max amount that I can transfer in my account! Thank you :grin:

Transfer limits are not governed by account type but by your personal limits. The rules are the same for free and for paid accounts. What is your current limit in the user profile?

More, profile, verification and limits. Learn more about how to raise this limit via Help Center.

Need to upload somehow docs from my bank to raise the limit. But I don’t know how.
I’ve sent them, but no response yet :grimacing:

Sunday evening, tomorrow is bank holiday. You really can’t blame them for not reacting instantly in this situation, try to get service from HSBC under the same conditions. it’s not going to happen instantly anywhere. You should have planned ahead and work on raising your limit before it was an emergency.

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It’s alright, I can wait for a while, until I figure out.
Thank you for you help!

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Hi @Black_widow. Did you get through to an agent? If not, please contact me by direct message.