Limits and verification of funding


I am travelling in Australia and New Zealand for 4 months and took out a premium revolut card before leaving. I knew that I would be using it a lot to pay for camper vans travel food etc. I am also a racing driver and want to use the card to purchase tyres and car parts in Euros. All went well until I was trying to top up a large amount to pay for some tyre’s. At this point it flagged up that there was a limit and to increase this I had to verify funding. At this point their support function became problematic as there is a 10 hour time difference and they were clearly not reading my messages. The documents that they were asking for are in the UK or do not exist. I am semi retired so no payslips. I have sent bank statements showing over 150k in savings and a current account with my pension and my wife’s pension and drawings/transfers from my business account held with my son, and rental property income. However all I am getting back is that is not enough we want to see rental contracts and can I highlight the pension income and send them the pay slips. No payslips as they don’t send any. All other documents are in UK locked away. Even so that is irrelevant here as the savings alone are way in excess of my requirements. Having spoken to the fraud department at Barclays where my bank account are they feel that the verification information being demanded here to up my limits are way in excess of the money laundering requirements. Any ideas how to bring this fiasco under control.


I also meant to say that I was considering getting a business revolut card but this problem is making me rethink as the support is like talking to robots.