Limited edition flag cards

So I received both the notification and email. However it is not working on my end, I can just order a classic metal card with usual color options.
Did it work for others?

Only Premium and Metal user :joy:

It is a bit discriminatory towards those who have the Free plan :thinking: :relieved:

It’s plastic card :joy::joy::joy:

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I had to think of this.

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I live in ireland and me and many friends have tried getting the flag but it is not an option here.

Nor in my country Romania is no option

Update: I successfully ordered mine! I believe it showed up with a slight delay within the app.

However, as a metal customer, I am automatically redirected to ordering a new metal card by default.
From there I had to switch to plastic and then once on the color selection panel, all the way to the right to pick the flag.

Hope this helps!

Should have an option for European flag


Should have a metal option too

Worked fine for me (UK), card just arrived. Black card with Union Flag, Visa Infinite (whatever that means). The reverse is blue with a silver pigeon hologram (??). Name only on front of card, all other details on the reverse.

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Visa says it’s a dove.

Now that’s a debate!
What if it was a phoenix though?

After consulting the oracle (google image search) I’ve decided that it is more likely to be a dove. The shape of the tail is distinctive