Limit to adding debit cards to Revolut account

It is very surprising and disappointing to come to know that one can add max 2 debit cards to Revolut account to top up. If you try to add more than 2 debit cards, you will be restricted. In my case, I deleted my cards added initially and tried to add another card. They system kept giving error message that this action could not be completed. Right now, I am not able to use top up feature as there is no card added to my Revolut account. After having tried hard multiple times with customer service, I was advised that as per internal rules, it would not be possible to add any more cards. Then, I requested to allow met to add the old cards which were added initially. But Revolut system doesn’t allow that too. It is really disappointing that the mobile only revolutionary fintech app Revolut didn’t think about this kind of situation and work out any solution to this issue. Monzo has an option to replace the debit cards attached. If you contact the customer service, they will be able to reset your debit card so that you can add a new one. Revolut should find a way to allow its customers to replace the debit cards that are used to top up.

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This again seems like an issue only for users in countries where Revolut hasn’t fully launched yet.
I had no problem readding a previously registered card and adding a 3rd card.
I am a European user.


That sounds better. I hope this issue will be resolved once Revolut officially launched in US.

I’ve added my cards to Google Pay and top up using that.

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Apple pay and Google pay are not yet available in US.

I can’t understand why there is this need to top up by debit card. Why not just set up Revolut as a payee in your bank account t that the debit card is linked to and put funds onto Revolut that way. It’s quicker easier and in a lot of cases might stop people having their accounts blocked.

I disagree.
Revolut does not offer local collection accounts in all countries and not all countries have instant bank transfers like the UK.


As @Daidai mentioned above, Revolut doesn’t offer local accounts to all in USA. Also, the local transfer here in USA may take up to 3 days during regular week and 5 days during weekend/holidays. Therefore, it is important to have this top up feature to important to transfer money instantly so that Revolut account can be used for all expenses.

Hi everyone, just sharing some feedback.
My Revolut account is set in the Euro zone, however I received a wire transfer in USD from the US in about 48 hrs.
Also back to the debit cards for top up, I currently have 5 different ones registered either from the Euro zone or the US and don’t face issues at all. I went through that some time ago but there might be a an ID check process for anti-money laundering purpose at some point.

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Thanks for sharing it. I had a multiple contacts with customer serivce guys. They are completely clueless how to resolve my issue. Crazy why a Fintech company is not able to solve this critical problem for weeks

Hopefully they will figure it out soon!

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Just like me. I´ve topped up with a Visa debit since February til May…and last week…it was refused…same card, same service, nothing changed since last top up but Revolut said that was the card and my bank. I´ve contacted the bank and everthing with my card is ok. I decided to delete the Visa and add it again…and surprise…IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE.
What happens with Revolut about that Visa Debit…that it was used before and now is not “compatible”??? WTF

I hear your pain and frustration. i went through same situation a couple of months ago. I kept trying to delete and reinstall whenever there was an app update released. It worked for me. Right now, I have only one debit added to Revolut account. I keep all other debit cards to Apple Pay. When I need to top up using a different card, i just choose the option to top up through Apple Pay. You can try this option, if available, to top up your account.