Limit on topping up


When one reaches topping up limit for regulatory AML/KYC reasons (eg.500gbp for the uk), it would be useful to display a very clear urgent message in the main screen. Currently one only notices.this after many trials or.when other people who try to send one money get blocked (and receive a vague contact the helpdesk)


Hmm, yes. I’ve never seen this message but I believe that if you say it, it’s that the message displayed is not as big as it should be. I also agree that a more precise message should be sent to the person sending money ; so in the same time, the person can contact via text the one who receive the money telling the account is blocked. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen this issue when topping up, but I do note that there is a limit on some payments to third parties in which case you split the payment into a number of smaller amounts which will then go through


Hi Julien thats exactly how I would like it to be developed. I noticed it put off some friends from continuing to use revolut when top up was blocked for no clear reason, especially as this will happen during early days as a user.