Limit for me and wife


I top-up Revolut from Switzerland with a SWIFT transfer. Then I send part of this money to my wife who travels with me and often does shopping for both of us and for future kids. I increased my limit by showing my source of income and savings. Then we noticed that me sending money to my wife is counted against her top-up limit and support agent gave only option of splitting my limit between us and only “as exception”. It doesn’t solve the issue as any money I give to her is counted against my limit as well. Sending via 2 transfers would double the bank fee. This family situation is normal and should be supported. Imagine e.g. a husband sending remittance to his wife in another country or wife taking care of kids at home.


Hey BananaCanyon

They are working on having “joint” accounts. But they have not given a time limit. Until then your wife should be able to increase her own top up limit, but showing prof of income just as you were able to.


My wife currently doesn’t work so can’t increase limit this way. Also joint accounts doesn’t cover sending money to other family member. We don’t want to see each others transactions: imagine trying to prepare a gift for your spouse and s/he discovers what present is by looking at transactions. It would spoil the surprise. The only thing that should be joined is top-up limit. We don’t have to justify why she doesn’t work, it’s our family decision.


Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.


Sorry but this wasn’t resolved. The limit was split but this is not a solution. We have now to strategize about how we use revolut to avoid hitting this top-up limit. Every franc I top-up and send to her is counted against both of our limits and limits don’t reflect this counting. Moreover the some of limits is less than the salary+bonus+saving I showed.


I am surprised that sending money should count towards your limit as the money would leave your account and the top-up limit only refers to funds coming in AFAIK.

Anyhow, I dont think there is much you can do. Everyone has limits in place and in order to lift these limits the person needs to provide adequate information. If your wife cant do this because of the lack of an occupation, it might be unfortunate but still does not change the fact that she cant complete verification.

Your best bet might be to order a second card and give it to her.


Transferring out funds, it doesn’t count in your annual top up limits.


That is precisely what I thought.


Transferring out doesn’t count but to transfer out I have to top-up first. But transferring to another user counts against their top-up limit. That’s how it ends up counted against both limits. The limits are in place to prevent money laundering. Here we have proof of legality of funds and a reason for increase (double-counting in Revolut algorithm)


Your documents (which did lift your limit) do not apply to your wife however. If she cant provide sufficient reasons to increase her limit your best bet would be - as mentioned earlier - to order a second card and give it to her.


My documents do apply to her due to the way family income is treated by the law. Also giving money to a family member is entirely legal, at most it needs a written statement detailing what happens


As I can see our team has responded to her query and her limits have been increased accordingly.


The law? You mean the British law? I wouldnt be so sure about that ;).

Most importantly though, income taxation has absolutely nothing to do with your legal status. You and your wife might be married but that does not change the fact that you are two different natural persons to whom restrictions apply individually. Nobody questioned the legality of you giving her money either. You seem to mix up a few things here.

Revolut already went the extra mile and increase her limits without a proper basis, I think you are stretching it a bit at this point. My best buddy cant have his limits lifted either simply because I am going to send him money.