Limit for disposable card


Disposable cards sound really good and I got one. But would it be possible to set a spending limit on it like on other cards or per transaction? I’m not comfortable of giving unlimited card to a shady website


Nature of it being disposable is that it’s 1-time only.

That’s a good question, but at the point of payment, the sums involved should be very clear.

In which case, concerns over unknown sums charged tend to be over follow-on payments, which won’t be possible due to the nature of the card being disposable.

Best not shop on a shady website.


I’m wondering what happens when you get a refund to a disposable card which has already generated to a new?


I remember @AndreasK saying that it would be still properly assigned.


Refunds with Revolut are generally not credited to cards but to wallets. It works the same with refunds to disposable cards.


I guess the question was in regard how they can credit it back when the card (and hence the association to the account) does not exist anymore. I’d assume the card (and that association) still exists, just not publicly available for transactions.


Exactly. Like when a card expires or is reported lost and stolen.


Great idea, especially when you have to hand over your credit card number over phone.