Limit ATM fee at 1€ like Monese


My local bank has 1000 euro free withdrawal limit per month.


It’s the first time I hear of a local legacy bank having any withdrawal limits. Hope it doesn’t spread…


Simply not true :slightly_smiling_face:

In Arbejdernes Landsbank the account, Visa/Dankort, MasterCard Credit, netbank, app and instant transfers are completely free. Account, Debit card, instant transfers and app are free with Lunar Way too. No matter if you are young, old, rich or poor.

I guess the same applies in other banks if you don’t look at Danske Bank, Nordea, Jyske Bank and so on…

On-topic, I never use cash in Denmark. I think the €200 limit is just fine. For traveling I don’t see it as a problem neither… and if I ever need anymore I don’t have a problem paying for it…


Many banks have adopted idea of monthly service packages. It’s actually very reasonable. 1000 eur fee free withdrawal per month plus free sepa transfers and some other things for 1,99 per month.


Damn, you really have it bad in some countries. Here in Portugal there are never any withdrawal limits for the EEA, meaning you can withdraw as much as you want without paying a cent in fees in any euro zone country.

Where there’s some variation is monthly fees and sepa transfers, you have some banks where everything is free, you don’t pay transfers or any monthly fee and other banks that may charge up to 1€ for a sepa transfer done online and up to about 5€ in monthly mantainance fee.

Sepa transfers done at an ATM are always free, so the banks that charge you to do it online are basically charging you for your laziness

And with most banks in Portugal, you also get unlimited virtual and disposable cards for free like you have on Revolut premium


Good for you, but i’m not complaining.


I just find it interesting in the central European countries where you seemingly need more cash as card acceptance is not 100% is where you have more restrictions in withdrawing cash. Its also important for me to know as I might be moving for a while to central Europe and maybe it’s a better idea to use my current legacy banking solution together with Revolut instead of trying to open a local bank account as the little advantages there might exist don’t seem to justify the costs of running the account, especially given the limitations


Yes it is a thing in Denmark. Take a look at Lunar Way. They have free Danish transfers, a Danish IBAN and a local danish account.


Limiting to a particular number of atm withdrawals say 5 or 7 defeats the very idea of this “Beyond Banking” concept. Almost all major banks offers a few limited withdrawals a month based on number of atm transactions.

If REvolut has to be different it has to continue the current model of 200 EUR. 2% after that is fair and you have premium models for extra usage. We are not here to replicate N26 or Monese.


That’s right. It should have been phrased differently, that Denmark is a market where banks do charge regularly for standard SEPA accounts. Not all, but some.



Yeah SEPA transfers often cost money, as well as instant local transfers. Also, no need to apologise :smiley: