Limit ATM fee at 1€ like Monese


It would be great, if ATM fees would be 1€ like Monese does. 2% is very high.
Other possible steps could be:

  • Allow only 5 free withdrawals in a month without amount limit
  • To guarantee a fair use policy, limit min amount to
  • Min amount could be skipped for pupils or students.
  • A complete free ATM usage after monthly income from min 700€/£ would also be great

Totally agree with this!

Banks charge alot for cash withdrawals, don’t expect this to happen any time soon - if anything i suspect the monthly free limit will be lower in the future rather than higher.

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Starling Bank,N26, German DKB Cash and Santander 1plus VISA don‘t charge any fees on getting money from ATMs. Only N26 limits you in Germany with 5 free withdrawals, because german ATM fees are very high.

So there are already enough banks which provide this service.
Monese takes 1€, which is also not bad.
If the community wants this, they will make it!
Like the topic and help


Nice idea but as this is one of Revolut’s main income streams i doubt it will change anytime soon.
If it ever did it would only be offset by additional charges elsewhere.

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If it costs us in other ways no thanx. The need for cash is low in this day and age. What I’d like to see on the other hand is a yearly limit of for example 2000 EUR instead of 200 a month. That way it can be saved up for travel to less developed parts of the world.


the main problem with withdrawals are the ATM fees. Instead of allowing 200€/month without a min amount to take, which results in 40 withdrawals with 5€ in one month, they should create a min amount of 50€ and free withdrawals. I sum it could be cheaper, because the majority doesn’t have thousands of dollars every month :wink:


That’s actually more restrictive towards people with small amounts of funds. What about those that have 49.99 in the account - they won’t be able to access their funds in cash at all then?

Revolut have set their limits with business in mind, we can wish for all kinds of features but in reality cash is very expensive.

perhaps the Number26 approach is a good balance. 5 free withdrawals per month with no amount limitation

I know more banks use that approach, if cash is charged in percentage of amount that could very quickly become expensive for revolut?

As it is the service is almost perfect so it would be a shame if something like this disturbed the business model.

Don’t think so, perhaps somebody from @revolut could tell his opinion on the made options

This is not correct. Number26 kicked some customers, that’s right.BUT: this happened, before they introduced their 5 withdrawals free limitation.
And they paid for this kick event with a huge amount of trust!

But now, it seems to work for them with the 5 free withdrawals

I really don’t like that approach. I would prefer something like N26 approach of 5 withdrawals a month. The reason being that I use my cards whenever possible and as such only withdraw cash when I’m running low on change, meaning most of my withdrawals are 10 or 20€ about three times a month.

By encouraging people to withdraw larger amounts, Revolut would be discouraging card use for payments as people would be more inclined to pay with the cash theyve just withdrawn, meaning they would lose on card usage fees.

Edit: It would be great to have a blog post with statistics on ATM usage cost by country etc. I suspect ATM fees vary widely by country as in Portugal not only no banks charge for withdrawals or have any limits, but adding to that some banks have a similar fee structure to Revolut’s without fees for any regular operation you might do, not even card issuance, shipping charges that Revolut has and don’t even have any of the fair use policies that Revolut also has, meaning withdrawals can’t cost them that much.

I corrected my idea according to your thoughts

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Actually, I very much like the current policy. I do not need big amounts of cash money because I use my card where I can. However, some shops where you pay small amounts don’t offer electronic payment (more or less 100% of shops where you pay big amounts offer electronic payment methods). For these shops you need cash, but not big amounts. I’m totally ok with 200 Euros per month in cash. However, I would dislike to be forced to take at least 50 Euro or something, because especially abroad this results in foreign cash leftover after returning home…


This might be true for you on holiday or on a short trip. But what about all the users, who want to use Revolut as a salary account? What about paying at the bakery, kiosk, etc. ?
What if you have to pay somebody in cash? Maybe somebody who helped to do some work at your house?
What about all every day shops, where sometimes the terminals don‘t work? How could you then reach the end of the month with 200€?
This is not possible and that is why we need a better solution than paying 2%.
Otherwise Revolut can never be more than a replacement for other cards, as a second or third option.

The main solution what I expect from a fintech company is, that I don’t need more than one card!
I want to get through the month with one company by my side!
Otherwise I can’t see why these companies call themselves fintech?
On holiday, you might have a second or third option, but then this would generally be another company, e.g. Master Card, Amex, etc.

The DKB Cash account doesn’t have a foreign cash charge ore ATM fees. Same for the Santander 1plus Visa. These cards even give you ATM fees back, if you’re charged. And you can get as much money as you want in a month!

Maybe my view is wrong and @RevolutStaff is not designed as a wholesome salary account product, then I apologise for this thread

I certainly don’t need more than 200 EUR in cash; actually I only need around 50 Euro per month I guess usually. There is one bakery and my workplace canteen that don’t accept cards, all other I places I visit regularly accept electronic payments.

I don’t pay friends in cash. They can choose between SEPA, PayPal and Revolut. Most times they choose PayPal and it takes just a few seconds.

The DKB has just limited cash withdrawals to at least 50 EUR. This was one reason for me to register with Revolut. Plus DKB will give you a worse exchange rate, at least on working days (even though, no doubt, the DKB offers a very fairly priced service).

In the end it all boils down to the fact that cash isn’t for free. ATMs have to be maintained, filled, insured. This costs money. And Revolut doesn’t own ATMs. Whoever does is going to want some profit from them. Thus, you can expect that Revolut has to pay for every cash withdrawal. And since they aren’t Santa Clause, you will have to cover those costs at some point.


I think you do not realise that cash withdrawals cost revolut while people using their cards in store generates revolut income.

It would be counter productive for revolut to offer what you ask for, besides who needs that much cash anyway? 1 card? I have 4 different cards, two from banks and two credit cards. Relying on a single card would never even cross my mind.


It may depend where you live… Here in Portugal I can use a card for pretty much everything so the 200€, are fine though I would like them to be a little more generous, especially when I’m travelling.

The way the fee is structured, by not limiting the number of withdrawals, but only the amount suggests Revolut doesn’t care much about the ATM fees, they just want to ensure you use your card as much as possible, hence the 200€ limit.

By capping the fee or setting a minimum amount it would be counterproductive for them as they would encourage you to withdraw higher amounts, which they don’t want

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