Lift up topup limtis

Hello, im topup’ing my account from crypto curency. I mean i mine crypto. What documents i should provide to lift topup limits?

Hey Orvilius

Please see this article in the help center :slight_smile:

You wont be able to do that. You cant transfer funds in crypto currencies to Revolut.

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Yeah, but exchanger can send sepa transfers like, or

So you want to transfer funds in a fiat currency? In that case check out the link posted by @henrikbjorn please

Im not transfering, tansfering crypto exchanger. But yes- in fiat curency.

I am not quite sure what you want to do.

Can you elaborate on what you exactly want to achieve?

He wants to transfer to a crypto exchange such as bitpanda and sell it for FIAT and then transfer the fiat to Revolut.

I would advice you to send it to Bitstamp and sell your crypto there. The documents you need for that is stated in the article i linked to.

So he does want to transfer fiat to Revolut? That was my previous posting.

I want transfer fiat to revolut, but not from my bank account but from curency exchanger directly

Well, assuming it is a regular bank transfer you will simply need to lift the limits as previously mentioned.

Yeah, but what documents should i provide to priovide that money is coning from myself. Thats the quoestion.

Hey @OrVilius :slight_smile:

@henrikbjorn just mentioned it in this post before:

It might be best to contact support about this and get an official statement.

Hi there. Please note, you cannot use Revolut strictly for trading.

Understand. So topup revolut i can only from my bank?

If i mine some crypto, exchange it to fiat, i canot use?