Levy charged by revolut


Good afternoon, I made a levy on an atm and the revolut charged a fee equivalent to the conversion of the currency. However the atm works in the EU and should not charge fees.


Hi @athenathon, can you provide a screenshot of the fees ? Are you sure it is a fee by :r: and not the ATM ? Some banks charge fees for everyone except their own customers…


Its not the fees… I can show you a screenshot of the atm and a screenshot of revolut. In atm you can see 50€ and in revolut 56€


I forgot this


The ATM and banking is forbbiden by the bank of Portugal (high entity) to charge anything. Its revolut!


I see…

Okay so ATMs are not allowed to charge any fees in Portugal ? Thats interesting. Tbh it still looks like a service fee, but 6,01€ is a weird amount as well.

How much did you withdraw so far with the :r: ? There is a fee if you exceed 200 but it is only 2% which would be 1€ … so that makes no sense as well.

Edit: you withdraw money in €, right ?

PLEASE scroll a bit down at the :r: screen with the first screenshot. Does it say there fee: 6,01 ?


Are FX rates considered as fees ?

From what I see the ATM ( or you, maybe without paying attention ) charged you in GBP rather than in EUROS, using ATM FX rate…

As indicated by @C0ldwater you should scroll down in Revolut, you I’ll have more information…


I didnt withdraw more than 100€ this month. They never charged the others just today. It says withdraw 49,10pounds. But I withdraw in euros… So it doesnt make sense. It says exchange rate. But doesnt make sense because revolut does not have to convert pounds with euros.


Then it’s the ATM fault : it charged you in GBP ( because the card is from UK ) using internal FX, rather than in EUROS.

Did the ATM asked you a withdraw in EUR or in GBP ?


@mirron FX rates are not shown as fees. at least not in my withdrawals.

But good point. So it charged you in GBP.

:r: is oftentimes considered as a GBP account. so if you decline DCC it might charge in GBP. But you got a 50 € Bill out of it ?


It didnt ask. Just appeared how much I want to withdraw? I choosed 50€. And then when the money went out the receipt appeared with 56€.


This is an issue, if you have time, you should contact the bank of the ATM… this is not normal !


Can you please double check this: go to the ATM transaction you’ve provided a screenshot of. Then tap “statement”. On that receipt, it will show you if the transaction came in as GBP instead of EUR. In this case, the ATM operator charged you in GBP instead of EUR. This would explain the weird extra EURs you see.


I contacted and they said there’s no problem and they sent me that printscreen.


@Frank exactly. But that confuses me.

He got 50 € out of the ATM
It charged 49,10 GBP which is 56,10 €
if the ATM wanted to charge for 50 € it should have said 43 GBP. Or the DCC comes with an insane fee…

But @athenathon please check the statement mentioned by frank.
Did you have money in the € account in :r: or just the GBP ?

I don’t see why that happened. Or do I make a logical error :smile:


@athenathon it should look like this. would be great if you check that


I have € in revolut only. I understand the conversion. But that doesnt make sense when i have my account in euros and the atm menu shows the money in euros.



Please check the statement from within the Revolut app for this transaction. :wink:


It appears in pounds and the rate conversion. I’m so pissed off…