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Contacted support today for the first time in seven months and I am afraid my impression hasnt changed. It took 80 minutes to get a response which basically still was not helpful.

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I had to contact them on Christmas (European night time) and they responded within 2 minutes and I am a standard user.

However, if i see tweets like this, I really wonder if they can keep up with all the new people joining.



To be honest, I believe these fast answers are rather the exceptions and thats why I was surprised when @Recchan claimed support improved dramatically.

I got reasonably responses times at the beginning of last year but ever since mid-2018 everything slowed down by a lot.



I got really fast answers too. Just a couple of minutes. It is hard to believe when people claim several hours of waiting time.



No offence, but you can find it hard to believe but I did use to wait up to five hours and there were stories from other who waited 24+ hours.

Today I got a response after 80-ish minutes.

Are you by any chance on a paid plan?



Non taken. It’s all about personal experience, right? Yes, I am on a paid plan.

My first contact with support was before I was on a paid plan and it still was available in about one minute (I can see that in the old chat logs).



I wasn’t on a paid plan, however out of courtesy for their employees making false promises, I’m on a paid plan for å little while.



Yes, a paid plan is supposed to make a difference in this regard.

I am not saying there cant be an occasional fast answer, my point was rather that Revolut’s support hasnt improved to the extent which the quoted posting implied.



Will you downgrade after the subscription has ended?

As I just responded to Regalia, I dont want to claim there cant be a fast response on free plans, your response back then simply left the impression support has generally improved and thats something I am afraid I cannot confirm based on my experience yesterday.



Does that even make sense? :rofl::sweat_smile:



Out of curiosity, what are you guys constantly needing support for? Since this is Revolut, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some automatic scoring/priority system in place. For example: first support call -> user might have a real problem requiring immediate attention. On the other hand: five questions basically asking what you can find in the FAQ -> put the customer to the very end of the queue. And then of course you can factor everything else into it (heavy user? has made referrals? etc.)



Considering the last time I contacted them was seven months ago one can hardly speak of “constantly”.



I can’t comment on individual waiting times, but my impression is that support has improved compared to a year ago. That’s based on less posts from users here in the forum and on social media. Also, availability of support agents on Twitter during weekends was improved.

I agree that the quality of informations isn’t consistent. Sometimes informations are contradictory.



Depends. I’m likely to upgrade to Metal if I’ve passed my driving test by then, as it’ll free £120 a month of money for me, so I’ll be able to afford it easily and comfortably.

This will rely on me getting some clarity about Revolut insurance though!

Eh, it used to be taking 5-6 hours at all times from my understanding. Now I mostly get a response in minutes in all except peak times in which it can take 1-2 hours.

Granted this isn’t ideal, but its better than it used to be.



Basically it would be nice if you would have international support when you use a bank that is aimed at an international market. I believe that some customers have a hard time with the English language.

I’m fine with chat support in general. It sometimes makes some things easier (like proof what was written and promised, no issues with voice quality etc.).



Definitely. I think support should be offered in the following languages:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Esperanto (as this is an international language with usage all across the EEA)

Or if they can’t reasonably do all this, they should make knowledge of 2 or more languages a requirement for CSR’s to ensure that people can potentially be juggled to representatives that can speak to them in their mother tongue.



wtf r u serious :rofl:
There are certainly more useful languages to support than Esperanto (like Portuguese).



Most Portuguese I know speak Spanish as a second language, so I don’t see the reason for this.



I’d second that, Esperanto might be nice and all but is for sure not remotely needed for any kind of support. Bulgarian, Hungarian, Austrian, Swiss, Russian should all have a vastly higher priority.



All people I know do not speak Esperanto as a second language, so I don’t see the reason for this :rofl: