Let's talk about Device Insurance 📱


Hey Everyone. At Revolut we’re obviously mobile first - We rely on you having access to a smartphone. Smartphones are expensive, so we want to understand if and how you protect your phone, what works about our current solution and what doesn’t.

Do you currently have device insurance?

  • Yes
  • No

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If so through who?

  • Revolut!
  • My manufacturer (e.g. Apple)
  • My phone provider (e.g. EE)
  • My Insurer (e.g. SimpleInsurance)
  • Someone else? (Comment below)

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How is it paid for?

  • Free with my phone contract
  • Free with my bank card
  • Regular billing
  • Something else? (Comment below)

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mine is part of a pack I get with my Nationwide bank account. £13/m and covers all devices of all my family.


I would consider Revolut device insurance but it would have to have be packaged into Metal or Premium, I think. As it stands I’m better off getting Nationwide’s £13/month flexplus. Comes at a cheaper price than Revolut Metal and gives me insurance with a lower excess for phones, covers not only mine but my entire household, too.


Sorry, but that is factually incorrect. Here’s an extract from the FlexPlus insurance summary:

Family include you, your partner/spouse and all children (including legally adopted, foster and step children) of the account holder who have not reached the age of 19 or not reached the age of 22 if in full time education, living at the home address and are unmarried or have not entered into a Civil Partnership.

I insure my iPhone XR via Revolut’s Metal add-on device insurance for £1.15 per week. There are some exclusions (like all insurances), but it suits my needs and I think it is reasonable value for money.

You also need to consider the other benefits that Metal includes; each has a cost to provide. And a worth to you. But to simply dismiss the cost of Metal on the basis of one service within the bundle of services provided makes little sense.


you might have people on your household not covered, but he said his household not everyone’s. so your statement is factually incorrect :wink:

for me, the flexplus bundle is unbeatable. and combined with their select credit card it’s pretty much perfect for traveling.


Assuming my partner and kids are living with me and the kids are under 19 or 22, which after then they’re not my problem anyways, I’d say it very well is true, for the majority of families.

But it doesn’t cover theft :frowning: on top of that the excess is pretty high for iPhone’s. Nationwide one is 50£.

0.1% cashback isn’t enough to make it a deal changer. At least 0.5% is needed.

Selling me device insurance at 20% off definitely isn’t worth any weight, it’d need to be included.

The travel insurance isn’t written well enough for me. It needs to specify I will be covered from the country I am starting from until the country I end in. It can’t be ‘from your place of residence’ to ‘the final destination’, I want to travel through Asia :thinking: that’s not a single country and although the Revolut staff assured me that’d be fine.

The metal card is nice and I’ve considered it!

I’m relatively sure they could do unlimited cash withdrawals.

The concierge has a reputation for being bad due to a mix of GDPR and a lack of infrastructure to be able to charge money to your account for bookings (it’s essentially a paid Google search)

The baggage insurance is for essentials while waiting during a delay. It doesn’t cover your entire waiting there from what I recall :pensive:

The disposable card is a very nice feature and I’d like it definitely.

Free express delivery is neato.

Priority support isn’t needed since Revolut support is already ace as of a few days after the Open Letter by @nikolay

Turbo transfers don’t matter too much, they take hours in the UK (who have an instant payments system) and they’re not connected to SEPA Instant either. There are no local accounts in any other country either although they’re working on this. Current SWIFT transfers take days.

I’d need two lounge passes a year to feel like it’s worth it, or for them to offer it at roughly £15 a pass, not £25 and a free one w/ metal.

Honestly if someone at Revolut responsible were to sit down and talk to me, phone call or twitter conversation would be fine and discuss improvements to metal I would be perfectly happy they had done due diligence on how to improve it.

I would buy metal if they did this and use them as my main account, as opposed to just my spending account.

If @AndreasK could facilitate this kind of conversation I would much appreciate it, I’d even be fine if it were a talk with him just about possible ideas.

I’m perfectly fine with them saying some things aren’t possible due to the associated cost of it, or that they need to have limits etc.


I’m not using Revolut insurance for my device as do not consider fair to pay extra for it as long I’m metal user and pay extra for this level. It should be included by default for metal at least, through other facilities, to make it even more attractive.


Mine is from my phone manufacturer started when I bought my phone: OnePlus (insured by simplesurance, anyway)
However one of my friend signed up for Revolut to get better phone insurance only. Now, He is happily using all the features of R account.


I have no device insurance. However, if Revolut would verify my account and allow it to remain verified without asking me to re-verify, I would take out the Metal plan and then purchase mobile phone insurance through the app.


Mine is part of my Lloyds Premium Account £19/m.


I’v got all my “smarthings” covered with my home insurance. Any accidental damage they suffer (inside the home) is covered as long as it exceeds 100 EUR the repair. At the moment I have already replaced 2 iphone 6 completely. In addition, the age of the device is indifferent, as long as the damage occurred while the coverage was contracted.


Also Nationwide flexplus but also have to concider lower Travel ins (children covered free) existing conditions (not concidered life threatening) cheaper premium add-on for the yr around £150 others quoted many hundreds, between £500- over £1000.

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I have the apple care insurance and on top of that we have all devices insured with zurich.


The main problem for me is that I can’t get a confirmation that the repair centers will use apple certified original parts. My experience with a repair shop and an iPhone 6s was unfortunately very bad, so this is critical for me.