Lets move to 5 digit PIN !

Can we move to 5 digit PIN for app access? At least 2 other finansial apps I use have 5 digit PIN’s and revolut’s 4 digit PIN feels outdated.


This is a sensible suggestion. It would add greater security, even for those using biometrics.
I occasionally find biometrics to be flaky.

Currently you get three tries before the card gets locked. That seems to me to be more effective to stop unauthorized use than increasing the number of PIN digits.


You would have to be very lucky to guess a 4-digit PIN in three tries. Increasing to a 5-digit PIN doesn’t change that materially.

But if someone finds your PIN, whether by hacking the encrypted PIN on R’s side or finding it written down somewhere in your wallet, it will not matter whether the PIN was 4 digits, 5 digits – or 45 digits.

@Bear You misunderstood. I am not talking about card(s) PIN(s).

You’re right. I read too quickly.

But what’s the difference in practice? Does the app not also place a limit on the number of wrong PINs you can try before it blocks?

It does. 5 digit Pin is also more difficult for me to remember, personally

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Which means you’re more likely to write it down somewhere that a thief could find :wink:

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I probably would keep it in notes

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What about the fingerprint?
I know, not every phone does it, but I don’t want to have more PINs, it would be good to have it as an optional setting I guess.


I would like a 6 digit PIN like at Bunq.


Why not use a real password?
Like the option you have on your phone
Password, pincode,

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I already have trouble remember a 4 pin

5 pin don’t make it easier

Yeah 6 digits would be good also my other bank accounts also use 6 digits

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