Length of card PIN


Unsure if I should classify this posting as “Feedback” or “Bug”…

I changed the original card PIN at an ATM to a 6 digit value. After the change the ATM and POSs accepted the new PIN. When I check the card PIN within the app, only 4 digits are displayed (!?). When I use only 4 Digits at the ATM the ATM rejects the code.

To make the confusion perfect: I used the Revolut card in Vietnam, however my card PIN was not accepted. For I do not know what reason I tried at the third try only the four first Digits of the card PIN and - what a miracle - the PIN was accepted. How lucky I was.

Here we have for sure an issue which may or may not be solved by Revolut. What Revolut can do at least is to inform the users about this behaviour - in the app and perhaps by other means (e.g. push notification).

Thanks for considering and fixing!


I had the same thing today and second this - definitely a bug - a security PIN shouldn’t have any ambiguity.

At the very least, Revolut should show the full six digit PIN in the app - since you need this to be able to change the PIN if you forget it.