Left the UK, cant access the app to transfer money from revolut to my UK bank


how do i access the money from AU without the app? need to transfer money out as cant use the money on the card or see the balance?


I think the app is the only way. What do you mean by “left the UK”? Do you mean you don’t have access anymore to the phone and mobile number you used to set up the account with Revolut? Then you can install the app on a new phone and follow this procedure like described in the FAQs under “Profile/Can I change my mobile number?”:

If you cannot access the app as you need a 6-digit verification code message, please attempt to log in with your old mobile number and then select the option ‘I haven’t Received Code’ to speak to our in-app support.


Thanks Frank. I moved from the UK back to Australia. Had deleted the app
and then redownloaded it and so can’t get into the app as asks to verify my
UK number by sending a text.


Yes, exactly. Then follow the procedure that is described above to contact support! :slight_smile: