Launch of Revolut Insurance !


We’re excited to be launching Revolut device insurance in the next few weeks allowing our customers to protect their mobile phones with a few easy clicks in their Revolut app (Watch this space!).

As we plan ahead for other insurance products we want to hear which insurance products interest you most? Thanks for your feedback!

  • Bike Insurance
  • Laptop Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Home Insurance

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Which countries will it be available in? I hope it’s not like the Credit option :frowning:



It will be available to all the supported countries :star_struck:


Launching for all Revolut users in all countries or only in Apple Pay supported countries? :rocket:


In all EU countries!


Honestly, I wouldn’t go near Revolut for insurance unless the customer service gets significantly more responsive…

Great Product, shitty (pardon me!) support

Oh no :disappointed_relieved::cry: why you say that? Mind sharing your thoughts with us in a direct message?

We’ve recently expanded our support team and working to keep wait time at a minimum.

Great Product, shitty (pardon me!) support

I’ve sent details in a PM, but basically I wouldn’t buy insurance unless I was confident that I would receive timely responses when it was needed. Experiences with Revolut support so far don’t instill this confidence.


How about travel insurance? And I mean for longer than 20 days period.


Who can imagine? :cold_sweat: Nobody has ever complained about the support speed and efficiency in this forum before!


Bike insurance like against bike being stolen? Or against bike accidents? If it’s the latter one - please remember that many insurance companies won’t reimburse costs incurred during any competitive activity (even amateur bike races). Please think about including sport insurance!


Primarily we would offer protection against bike theft.


As promised… Revolut Mobile Phone Insurance has just launched in all EU markets! As ever… we really want to get your personal feedback. What do you like about the product? What would you improve? Look forward to hearing your thoughts


People need to ride more bike! It’s not acceptable that bike insurance comes in third! :nerd_face:


No (bike) insurance needed if you’re just renting a bike for a couple of hours.


I take it device insurance is not available in Ireland (as the option is greyed out in my Revolut app)?

So, it’s not actually available in all EU markets after all?