Last minute insurance


I use revolut for travelling. It would be great to add the option to buy travel insurance straight out of the account in a user friendly and fully transparent way (Ie. simply selecting start date, end date, travel region and coverage options). It’s something I always forget to do and would be great to have this in the app so you can even do it in the airport right before the flight.

Another idea would be to add ‘car rental rip off’ insurance option. We all know the feeling - when you’re renting a car abroad and the agent is trying to sell you a super expensive ‘premium’ insurance, threatening that you might be liable for serious damages otherwise. I know that some insurance companies now offer full coverage insurance - even for car rentals abroad - and at reasonable rates. However they are hard to buy. If Revolut could make a good deal with a large insurer and offer this for purchase within the app, I’d certainly use it. It’s all about transparency and trust.


It’s something that we’re actually looking into it.


Andreas K.