Large USD transfer not received

Dear Revolut,

5 workdays ago a wire transfer was sent to my Revolut USD account.
The amount is double digits USD, fairly large so this affects me in a big way. I cant speak to chat support either because it seems to be stuck waiting for days now. (I`m a premium subscriber).

Please help me locate my transfer, this is very very very worrysome!

I have the same problem and they want to see the transfer confirmation.
I don’t have the transfer confirmation and now I m without money!

I feel for you brother, I can get my hand on the transfer confirmation but that sounds like bad luck for you. Why dont you try to ask for the account number from the sender and then contact his bank in regards to it directly?

I used the following details to transfer USD.

IBAN: GB06 LOYD 3080 1211 8564 72
Beneficiary: REVOLUT LTD
Beneficiary address: Revolut LTD, Level39, 1 Canada Square
London, E14 5AB
United Kingdom
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Bank address: City Office PO Box 72 Bailey Drive Gillingham Business Park
|CITY |Kent|
|ZIP |ME8 0LS|
|PHONE |0345 9825323|
|ACCOUNT |11856472|
SORT CODE: (308012)

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Hey @Jarmavi :slight_smile:

This is incorrect. To know more and join the complaint, search the forum for the term REVOGB2L (click here to search)

Actually this BIC is correct for USD transfer it seems. Revolut is showing this BIC in their account information view in the app.

Good news anyways! The money arrived magically this morning some hours after I created a forum post :rofl:

Anyways, thanks Revolut team, looking forward to start using your services.