Lack of methods of support.


Revolut tell me support is now available via in-app messaging only. I know there used to be telephone support because I have used it in the past. The number has now been withdrawn from the website, I wonder why this is?

I am presently in Thailand for two months and am pleased to report the card has worked perfectly and saved me money in fees etc.

However, In-app messaging is fine until you lose your device or it malfunctions. Revolut’s answer to this is use another devce. As I am travelling alone and have no access to another devce this is not possible.

I believe it is serious error of judgement of Revolut to rely solely on this means of support, surely if not telephone than an e-mail support page would not be that difficult to set-up, after all most people have access to e-mail while travelling even if they lose their phone.

Other than this I am very happy with Revolut.


Hello @Graham,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

On our website you can find a phone number for Lost/Stolen Cards, so you can actually block your card anytime and not waiting in the chat.

We’re currently working on implementing a 24/7 support, and recently introduced our virtual assistant RITA, which aims to provide effective and efficient support.

Also you can email us to


Andreas K.


Hi, whilst I understand the expense of support, it is imperative to give your customers confidence in your product (which I have a very positive experience in using until I had a problem). Support must be prompt, accurate and fair. RITA is not the complete solution, neither is an email address that is not promoted for anything other than ‘feedback’.
When travelling it is often not possible to contact Revolut using your current methods. I would suggest a non premium 24/7 telephone number is crucial and not only for reporting a lost/stolen card.
Regards, John.


hmmm how about participating in services such as 116116 in germany?


Thank you for your feedback - will share it with the team.


RITA is rubbish and not worth anything,


I agree. There MUST be better means of support than having to use social media.


What Revolut needs to Realise is that in most situations people using Revolut will be abroad and may need help urgently and Rita is certainly not the answer.


Hi guys!

Let me clarify that Rita is only able to help with FAQs at the moment.

As I can see “she” escalated your chats to a live agent however, you didn’t receive an immediate answer as the waiting time was approximately 48h due to massive demand.


I understand this about Rita Andreas but my point is that 48 hours waiting time is simply unacceptable however massive the demand.

If you are at home this is ok but bearing in mind many Revolut customers are going to be abroad this can be a major problem.


I do understand and apologise! We’re working extremely hard to get back to every single user as soon as possible.

We’re expanding our support and working to keep wait time at a minimum. Apologies for the delay.


I am currently abroad, card has been blocked due to ‘overuse’ and I also lost my phone and am unable to speak to anyone about this. RITA has advised live support will get in touch within 24 hours. But I do not have my phone and cannot use that number and I have no idea how live support will get in touch as wifi is also limited. Urgently need access to money also!? What to do in this situation?


Hi! Very sorry to hear that. Let’s get in touch via a DM!