Lack of being able to check limits isn't ideal


I’m not privy to Revolut’s AML procedures but it would seem so yes. (And make sense).

Certainly in my case a query was raised when I introduced a new source of funds to top up my account.

Also, anecdotally, a lot of my friends who use Revolut say that they’ve had more trouble free usage with the new system, especially as regards top ups.


Ok, i would have tought stating the limit makes sence.

We will se come june-aug next year if there is a lot of new threads by panicing locked out people.

I for one am CERTAIN there is a limit, :r: just doesnt communicate it and that i think is very bad, on the other hand there isn’t much positive about :r: the last year so this just goes in line with that.

They have perhaps become to big.


Eh, what if you need to top up while you’re on holiday?


Well you top up :). Probably best to use the same source of funds as previously. If you’re on holiday.


That is a new source of funds as far as Revolut is concerned I imagine. You could top up £5000 and you don’t think they’d check the source of funds?


Possibly. But you do know that the SOF request takes place after a successful top up. So you can continue to use the card until any checks are made.


Actually I recall your funds being frozen as shown in literally any thread around the topic until valid SoF has been shown.


That’s not been my experience. I was able to continue to use my funds, under the new system. What was temporarily blocked was further top ups, until I had completed the checks.