Lack of being able to check limits isn't ideal


So in the current version of the app I go to try find my limits, and end up in the help section where it has a magic link to click that would theoretically take you to this area. Except, when you click on it, you don’t get redirected to your limits.

Is this just a me thing? I couldn’t take Revolut abroad or anywhere really, without at least a spare card (which I normally wouldn’t need locally unless MasterCard fails), without being able to see if my account is going to be frozen for sudden proof of funds.

Is there any way I’d be able to view this or do I have to specifically ask support?


They removed this some time ago. The same points you mentioned came up ever since and customer agents gave different answers from flexible limits to limits don’t exist anymore to “the same limits are still there but not visible anymore”.

I never understood why they would have to hide that information

Edit: related thread, it’s gone since version 5.10 early August > Annual top up limit disappeared in latest version


The revolution in the revolut name has kind of died since about a year, seems the company has serious growth pains.

On the positive side, that means things hopefully will get better in due time!

It is quite strange that the limits info is gone, that is info that could be vitial during travel abroad.


@AndreasK would it be possible to consider re-adding this to the app, revolut is meant to be a card to take everywhere and the stress from trying to verify documents while you’re abroad is probably heart attack inducing.


Limits have been replaced with ‘source of funds’ check. Which is dynamically applied. So if a new source of funds is introduced to top up the account Revolut may ask for a ‘source of funds’ check for that new source. Depends on the risk profile.

This is what I was told in a recent Rev rally.


That’s pretty stupid, is there any way to give a proof of funds in advance so I’m not hit while on holiday with a frozen account?


Hi there.

There are not set limits on your account, these limits are dynamic. However, we may require you to verify your source of funds. If we need you to do this, we’ll notify you with a push notification and an email.


What is correct thing to do when top-up card (used to top-up revolut) is near expiry date? Should revolut user just add new (second) card data and delete old one or you can somehow update (change) data in existing card?

This “dynamic” thing is not exactly very transparent as Recchan already said :frowning:


I’m happy that you’ve responded but is there any way you’d answer about my concerns about those going abroad? If you decide to source of funds a customer while they’re abroad you could ruin someone’s holiday and if they have no backup card or cash, potentially get them arrested in the country they’re visiting.


Out of curiosity, how could it get someone arrested?


If you don’t pay your bill what happens? The police take you to the station


That is an issue who can easily be solved by not being stupid enough to only travel with one card., which you should ALWAYS do anyway.


Definitely recommended to always take more than a single card, and to get cash out the second there as a backup.

But we can’t pretend that everyone will take a second card and cash. Revolut needs to be reliable and people having a backup is not an excuse for them to randomly require a source of funds when realistically, people don’t have payslips while they’re abroad.


I do agree that Revoluts limits should be more transparent, but there are other reasons as well why you should never travel with just one card. For instance the card network or bank could have technical issues at the time of purchase. Downtime can happen regardless of whether you are a small or large bank.


Card network being down is pretty hard to avoid, all banks here with free foreign currency conversion only issue Mastercard. The ones that issue visa charge roughly 3% on everything foreign.


We all know not to travel with a single card only. The problem, as proved over and over on this forum by newly registered users desperate with locked card on vacation asking for help how to fix.

People will be people so not communicating limits will almost certainly cause more work for :r: support.

Who carries last 3 months salary slips or even worse, utility bills when travelling ? :wink:


I think this issue has been blown out of proportion.

I personally have experienced an improvement since fixed limits were done away with. A dynamic, flexible system is better, IMO.

All other prepaid cards don’t have fixed top up limits either.

I’ve had one ‘source of funds’ query since the change. It was resolved very quickly and efficiently, within a matter of an hour. And my card was still functional in the meantime. In the ‘old system’ it used to take days before your limit was raised.


As already stated - what do you do if such a question pops up while travelling in another country?

This seems to actually introduce a new possible problem instead of solving stuff. Before we knew our top-up limit and personally i was happy to see it was way above my needs.

In any case some kind of warning long before the limit is reached would probably be wise so people won’t have issues when they have no chanse what so ever to comply because requested documents could be 10 000 kilometers away…

Acting before looking into possible complications is seldom wise.


Why would you introduce a new ‘source of funds’ when you’re travelling abroad?

I emphasise again, Revolut’s position is now in line with the vast majority of financial institutions/banks that have prepaid cards. But they have improved on their machine learning algorithms to help detect fraud.

In my experience when I am travelling a lot more of my transactions done on my legacy bank cards are ‘blocked’ because of my traditional bank’s antiquated systems. And this often involves a difficult phone call back to the bank when I’m in some far flung country.

I’ve never had a problem with any of Revolut’s transactions when I’m abroad.


Are you certain this only applies to new sources of funds and not the hard yearly limit that was visible before?

If so i have misunderstood, i am talking about not getting locked out of refilling because the yearly limit is reached and documents then needed to be presented to raise that limit.

If that is history and does no longer apply i am a happy camper - somehow i doubt this is the case though given rules concerning money laundry etc.

I have only had one other prepaid card and it clearly stated the yearly topup limits and the process one would have to follow if one wanted it raised.