Lack of basic security alerts


Ok, long story short.
Today my Revolut app behaved very strangely. I didn’t manage to login with my passcode, although I was typing totally correct numbers. The app was constantly notifying me that I am using a wrong code.
I decided to call the support. I used the in-app chat (fortunately I have a fingerprint scanner, so I could log in to the app), Facebook Messenger and PM on this forum. I’ve received some random answers via Messenger (e.g. use the “Forgot” option).
But still I don’t know why the hell my proper passcode don’t work with the app? After all I decided to use the forgot option and it went very fast to login, but Revolut team, maybe you should implement a basic functionality of security alerts (in-app and via e-mail)? Maybe I was a victim of a virus/defraud (still don’t know why my correct passcode didn’t work)? Maybe we should know about the last logins and changes made on our accounts? I was asking via Messenger if they can provide me a very simple information whether my passcode was changed in last days, but it seems that they don’t know or don’t want to share such basic info. I am asking why?