[KYC] New QES prompt not showing on Web and Mobile


With our Revolut Business account we have had issues where a member of our team got his cards suspended without prior warning for now practically 2 weeks. Another member around the same period got an identity verification that failed but then a day later the QES prompt appeared and he was able to unlock his cards.

This is what is happening for my coworker who has the issue (I was there to witness it):

  • Cards are blocked. Identity verification is required on mobile/Web (Android).
  • The member does the identity verification with onfido. Correct ID with correct address is provided as well as the video selfie without any errors.
  • No QES prompts appear on the dashboard either before or after the upload (tested on Chrome/MacOS and Chrome/Win11 without any extensions or adblocker and with a cleared cache)
  • After a while, it says the validation failed without further explanations. Still no possibility to sign anything with the QES prompt that I saw earlier for the other member mentioned above.

The team member repeated the steps above more than 20 times. Contacted support, provided countless selfies, used any number of browsers/devices on mobile and web and a new randomly assigned agent from support keeps telling him to “sign” or “cooperate” with the application in order for the identity to be verified.

One of them suggested that we close the account and recreate it and buy the credit cards again, another asked for a photo of him holding his ID and a piece of paper with the date of today.

But then they ask again for this ‘QES’ thing that is impossible to find in the dashboard and/or never appears on the dashboard after connecting to it, or doing the identity verification upload. To clarify I have done this QES signature for another member so I know what it looks like with all the checkboxes and it never appeared for that member, so it seems this is not coming from him.

Again the Android application was updated to its latest version and different navigators/OS combinations were used with a cleared cache and without any extensions on the web app at business.revolut.com.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

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Hello @md94 :wave:,

Welcome to our community. Sorry to hear about the trouble. To check why is this happening, we need to investigate the account thoroughly. Unfortunately, this is not possible from the community at the moment. Kindly contact us through in-app chat so that we can help you further. :pray:

SG | Community Team