Kraken to revolut


I can send money from kraken to revolut?

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Have you tried to look for it on this forum?
E.g. here:



This kind of transfers are at the moment forbidden from Revolut!



The answer in No…

I tried to transfer funds last week, only for the transfer to ‘fail’. I was told by Revolut support that they no longer accept funds from Kraken (or send them)
From Kraken support…
“Your withdrawal was on hold because Revolut recently decided to suspend deposits and withdrawals for Kraken accounts. Hence we will fail your withdrawal…”

A solution, suggested by others, is to open a FIRE (similar APP to Revolut) account. This I did, and have successfully transferred my funds



I usually go through Coinbase for crypto purchase, convert fiat to ETH which I then send to Kraken.
I lose some % in the process, so it’s not ideal.
New companies are coming up though, offering to buy USD backed coins which you can exchange for Stellar or something else, so you lose nearly nothing in the process :slight_smile: (trying a new one as we speak)



Could someone at Revolut explain why they have stopped accepting transfers from Kraken. One of the main reasons for opening a Revolut account was so that I could easily transfer my Euro to my Euro account in Revolut without incurring costs going through my UK bank account which will convert to Sterling at a rate that favours them and possibly charge me for the transfer. Also I used to work in Europe but am now retired and only kept the card for the occasional holiday/skiing trip in Europe.

If Revolut pull the plug on this then I cant see much point in keeping my Revolut account open. Might as well close it! Not impressed Revolut!!

Meantime, anyone found a way to get there Euro out of their Kraken account so they can spend it in Europe.





Further to my post of August 18
FIRE accounts are no longer useable for Crypto. They have taken the same stance as Revolut