Kraken to Revolut


so, I am trying to send money (euro) from my kraken account to revolut. Kraken asks me to provide IBAN, BANK NAME, BIC and BANK PHYSICAL ADDRESS to generate a SEPA withdrawal.
when I log into revolut into my EUR account, i have two tabs. One says Local in which I can see my name as beneficiary, an IBAN and a BIC. On the top it also says that only SEPA transfers will be accepted and that SWIFT payments will automatically be rejected.
SO, from the information under tab LOCAL, i cannot fill in all the required items in my as I am missing the banks physical address and the bank name.

From revolut, when I go into SWIFT tab, i can see information necessary but with revolut as the beneficiary. i see a different IBAN and a different BIC and of course a different bank and also I can see the beneficiary address. My thoughts are that I cannot use this information found in the SWIFT tab to fill in the blanks in the “add account” section in KRAKEN because it is for a different beneficiary. But I need to find the correct information to fill in the required fields in to create a new account to get money out by SEPA.

I am missing for this the following:
ADDRESS (referring to bank physical address)
assuming that all the other information found under the LOCAL tab in the revolut app is correct and suitable.

thank you for help


You might want to search this forum to find how fellow Kraken users have solved this puzzle :wink: