Kraken SEPA withdrawal Reverted

As an FCA regulated entity Revolut has to match compliance requirements which did force us to exclude some crypto exchange from our platform.

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I’m SO glad I tried transferring money to Kraken BEFORE paying for a Revolut Premium account.
Now I know that this isn’t for me. It’s ridiculous when even my local UniCredit in Austria has no problems with Kraken whatsoever.

Too bad, Revolut sounded awesome!

Thanks for posting!
I get it… still a shame… especially considering your features in Crypto space!
I wonder how other services who actually do have a bank license in Europe (even really huge banks) are still able to do that…

Is there a list of exchanges “supported” by Revolut?

Never had a problem sending EUR to/from Coinbase. Although am unable to add a Revolut account to Kraken.