Kraken SEPA withdrawal Reverted


I’m based in UK. I read this on their FAQ

“The account is available via the app stores to residents (16 years and over) in the UK and Republic of Ireland.”

So I don’t think it’s available for non UK residents, sorry. But you could email them to double check.


Are they Fin Kidding Bitstamp and Coinbase and other shitty exchanges? Why are these whitelisted and Bitpanda or Kraken blocked?


This is what I got from them at the time, “as an FCA regulated entity Revolut has to match compliance requirements which did force us to exclude some crypto exchange from our platform.”


I’m deeply disappionted in Revolut now. Please recommend me alternative to make SEPA withdrawal from Kraken (not Fire, because I’m not a UK resident)

Thank you!


Thanks for updating. This is serious shit if FCA ie government are telling me how to spend my money. Are they blocking Ladbrokes or Paddypower or any other betting sites? Answer no. Seriously everyone needs to shout out loud about this.


Where are you based? You don’t have a Euro account?


It works: Kraken -> Mistertango -> Revolut
From Mistertango to Revolut it took less than an hour.


I just want to add, that I’ve tried 2 SEPA withdrawals from Coinbase to Revolut so far, and they have both taken only 2.5 hours to reach my Revolut!

They do take 0.15 euros per transfer but there rates and liquidity is good, I might just continue to use Coinbase and Gdax rather than Kraken because of the speed and no intermediary Euro account needed.


It is only availabe in Ireland. :frowning:
edited: it is for the post related to fire account


Yeah I noticed this as well. Maybe it has something to do with Coinbase getting an e-money license from FCA recently.


They did the same to me. It appears greyed out in Revolut app and they sent the money back to Kraken. So i haven’t lost any funds, it’s just weird they did this. I have been able to receive funds from Kraken to Revolut multiple times ( in the past ) so I don’t know what the issue is.

I’ve been using Revolut for a while and this would be a deal breaker for me.


name of the exchange appears as the sender when you withdraw money from Kraken


This really sucks, what is the point of them replacing banks if I have to transfer from Kraken to my bank and back to Revolut paying exchange rates and transfer fees. And thanks for not informing us before implementing, and here I thought I was on to a revolutionary company.


What a shame! Why Revolut hasn’t made any announcement regarding this change? This leaves Revolut totally useless service for me.


Thank you! That will do for now but could you please add support for Kraken in future again?


I’m just a basic user as you are :slight_smile:
Think Kraken won’t be available anymore due to regulations
:r: have to obey those ,nothing they can do :frowning:


Will this change after Revolut gets the full bank license?


As an FCA regulated entity Revolut has to match compliance requirements which did force us to exclude some crypto exchange from our platform.


I’m SO glad I tried transferring money to Kraken BEFORE paying for a Revolut Premium account.
Now I know that this isn’t for me. It’s ridiculous when even my local UniCredit in Austria has no problems with Kraken whatsoever.

Too bad, Revolut sounded awesome!


Thanks for posting!
I get it… still a shame… especially considering your features in Crypto space!
I wonder how other services who actually do have a bank license in Europe (even really huge banks) are still able to do that…