Konto potwierdzenie

Jak uzyskać potwierdzenie o posiadaniu konta bez tego nie uzyskam wypłaty z betonu at home.

Co konkretnie potrzebujesz? Zawsze możesz wejść na konto i ściągnąć wyciąg. Są na nim dane.

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Hi @Leszek1983,

Just to clarify, this is not a physical bank account in your name, but remains an e-money service. The current accounts simulate some of the benefits of a bank account such as a unique IBAN and a named account, but the funds still end up in the segregated client funds account in accordance with the e-money regulations.

If you wish, I can provide you with a confirmation that the account is in your name. But it depends on the 3rd party if they accept this.

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Hello, as well, I need written confirmation for Swedish tax office. It can be Swedish account or Polish account (danske bank). How can acquire one? Please help! I can pay for that:(

What do you exactly need? Bank statement? Go to account in chosen currency (i.e. SEK), then choose three dots, next to “-> send”, then tap “get statement” and choose desired dates and tap “downlodad statement”. My app is in Polish, so I had to translate it… it means that descriptions may be different a little bit :slight_smile: