Keyboard Problems

Android 6.0.1, BlackBerry DTEK50, when I access the Community pages through the app the keyboard is never initialised and cannot be so. I’ve logged out and in, and reinstalled the app but no change. Doing this through the website.


What’s a Blackberry :rofl:


BlackBerry is the only make of mobile my employer will allow me to use for business purposes.

Problem still not fixed :unamused:

It is the same with my phone (Huawei).

So when you open the browser and tap on “Reply” do you even see the dialog to create the message?

The dialogue pops up; all the options (bold, italic etc) work but keyboard never appears. I had to access via browser to respond as it works fine that way.

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I am using Chrome since this problem. It is not working in Revolut app.


Revolut App (Android) has several problems with keyboard. Have you tried to insert an emoji on transaction’s comment? No way since a couple of updates, but if you copy&paste an emoji, it works… :man_shrugging:t3: