Keep your account safe verification - not good


Hi There,

My account is temporarily unavailable because of the verification of the debit cards I used.
“Enter the 4-digit code in the latest top-up…”

I made 2 top ups with 2 different debit cards.
One top up was made 1 week ago and the second just yesterday (Saturday) evening.
then I wanted to make another top up with a 3rd debit card and this verification started and blocked my account till I verify the debit cards.

The first verification was fine because the top up was on my statement.
but why did it ask for the second top up that I have just made?
which obviously won’t show yet on my statement.

So now, I have to wait till the second top up is reflected on my debit card statement…
Ideally, the verification process shouldn’t ask to verify a card used 10 min ago…
this wouldn’t impact the user for 1 or 2 days if the process doesn’t check so recent top up…