Just you wait...


Hi folks,
is it normal when you wait more than 3 hours to have a chat with customer service within in-app chat page? Thank you.


The current :r: support team isn’t correctly sized ( A LOT of new customers over the last few weeks, they are in the process of hiring more people )

It’s not perfect but it should be better over time, just be patient :slight_smile:


Yes, it usually tells you the estimate wait time. I’ve waited 12 hours once, but they do get back to you.


I’m very confused waiting for customer service reply for TWELVE hours!!! It happened yesterday… Today I’m waiting for customer support help a bit shorter - 4, 5 hours has gone since I asked to help me… and I’m still waiting for help… I’m still connected with Angel(a) via in-app chat… and I have no ever constructive advice.


yes, you’re right, it seems to be unusual as it is with me… Anyway, I hope it should be… better.


Apologies for the long wait! There’s massive demand for our support team. Please let me have a look into your query.


Seems like an agent responded to your in-app messages.


Yes, it is. Resolved. Finally. After 12 hours waiting time and 5 hours in-app chat service. Thank you. Let me say, Revolut has not the best customer service solution. Talk about myself, I met poor service I ever had online.


Massive apologies. We’re expanding our support team as we speak.


This is a GREAT news :slight_smile: :r: first !