Just updated app and can't log in


I just updated my app after being told I can now buy BTC.

But now I can’t log in to the app, it keeps asking for my phone number and not working.


I have the same problem


I can no longer login after updating to version 4.8 It asks for my mobile number and then displays an error. Normal login with 4 digit pin has disappeared.


I’ve the same problem, i can’t login after my Revolut App was updated


Ditto. revolut, you need to step in here and fix this asap


Same here: asking for phone number, then I get a message “We are sorry, an error occured. Please try again later”.

Tried with both my currently registered phone number, and the one I initially signed-up with (double SIM, still have access to it), and the issue remains.


I’m the same. Have account and updated the app and it asks for phone number and says error try later


Same here, it then asks for my pin and then says it’s wrong.


Same for me - after update I’m asked to enter phone number when app starts then won’t connect says an error has occured


Same issue for me. just updated app and cant login:confused:


Revolut have tweeted that there is an issue, at least they are aware


I am the same, tried to top-up using existing app - that failed, then went to playstore, updated the revolut app, presented with the login page asking for phone number, and can no longer login.

tried on wifi and cellular connections - still not working


I have the same problem


I have the exact same problem ! Please help


Can’t find that tweet ? other than the ATM problem they tweeted yesterday




Hope I don’t miss the dip when it comes. I guess there’s a lot of people updating the app at the moment


Hey there @chemavlc, @louisroberto, @waru, @sailstudio, @Paname, @ellman89, @odp, @Trobbo and @invite4ever :smile:

As @mzhussein pointed this is a temporary, known issue:


Downgraded to 4.5.1, but it does not work too. Revolut is dead?


Hey @QuQu :wink:

It’s not an app problem but a server problem, and it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to use :r:'s app until it’s fixed