Just started: virtual or physical card?


Hi there, I have just set my account, and as a last step I had to create my first card. The options were:

  1. “Virtual, with the option to make it physical”
  2. “Physical”.
    (Those are not the exact words, but this is what I understood).
    I have chosen the first option, i.e. a virtual card. Now I am confused on how to make it “became also physical”.
    I see that I can create another card, but what I would like is to have the same card, with the same codes, but physical.
    Is this possible?
    If not, and I really need to create another (physical) card, I understand that I can’t avoid the €6 fee, is this correct?
    Thanks for any help!


Hi @oakwood,
No that ia not possible and revolut stopped issuing VISA debit cards anyway. A physical card will always be different and have mastercard BINs e.g it starts with 5391 23 or 5352 98 and the the number 5 as the first digit (PaySafe issues 5391 23 and 5352 98 wirecard)

Virtual- online transactions usually VISA

Physical- blue plastic card for Point-of-Sale/Contactless and online


Thank you for your reply, Quexity.
Please let me understand one thing: if I had chosen, as first and only thing, to ask for a physical card, in that case I still had to pay the €6 fee?
Thanks again!


Hey @oakwood :slight_smile:

You would have to pay only for the shipment. Previous posts in the forum suggested that deleting your virtual card will eliminate the physical card fee, but I don’t know that personally.


Thanks Juliopp, deleting the virtual card is exactly what I was thinking to do.
I think I am going to do that, and I will let you know.



I can confirm: I deleted the virtual card, and then I ordered a physical one. And in doing so I was charged no fees.

Thanks a lot for all the support!