Just me?


Or did the official support members really vanish recently? There were a handful of postings of Jessica but overall it now seems it really is down to the community.

On the upside, on Monday (UK holiday) I contacted support and got a fairly quick answer (within less than five minutes) and even when the request was escalated it was quickly answered (it was a simple question for clarification though).


even on the chat it’s always the same people as if CS is no more than half a dozen and half of them are now on sick leave


look at “posted” and “seen” dates at community.revolut.com/groups/moderators … it’s sad.


Yes, that is precisely what I meant. Thanks for presenting it with tangible data.


Yep. You are right. It must be a flu outbreak at Revolut’s office.


They seem more active on Twitter. So someone from the social media team is at work …


sure it’s not Rita? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure either if that isnt simply our local hottie, Rita :wink:


If that’s Rita, it must be her more capable twin.


Maybe she finally stepped up her game after everyone left :crazy_face:

But on the serious side, I really wonder where everybody is. The forum appears to be quite deserted at this point.


Though, I am somewhat concerned. Not only does the forum receive more than the usual amounts of complaints regarding an unresponsive support, now even the forum support fell silent. That would mean there is no way of contacting them (maybe Twitter or Facebook - but these are hardly proper support channels).

Has anybody (of the regulars) managed to get in touch with them on the chat within a reasonable time? I am asking because I did on Monday (for the one issue I need to clarify) but that is probably hardly representative.


I was talking to support today. My questions were answered in about 15 minutes.

My understanding is that ID verification, blocked accounts and top up limit raises are handled by a dedicated team. They have different waiting times.


Thanks, coupled with my experience that might indicate response times for general enquiries actually improved a lot. Well, if two is a valid sample :smiley:

“Different” :slight_smile:

Still wondering though what happened to forum support. Stopped out of the blue it seems.


Standard user here (oh yeah), more than 24 hours last week, two hours today. Improvement, yes, but still not quite right.

I don’t know, but the forum is flooded with the same topic over and over (around two thirds of the topics) and :r: is gone from the forum. It looks terrible from the user’s POV.


Dont get me wrong, it really wasnt my intention to say it became top-notch by now :smiley:

This and only this :slight_smile:


Yes, very peculiar. I don’t quite remember it this way ever in my 18 months with Revolut.


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@olga_revolut is back too!