Just landed in Mumbai


Landed in Mumbai yesterday.

Pre-trip, I had £45 transferred to rupees. I bought a coffee for 284 rupees (£3), using my Revolut card for the first time. Balance was showing £40.84. So I was down £1 after the coffee.

This morning I transferred another £100 in and it’s now showing I have £138.75 worth of rupees. So I’m down circa £3 total and don’t know where it’s gone!

Same thing happened to my gf.


If you transfered to rupees than you should check the amount of rupees you have and not how much pound that is. If you do, change rates go up and down all the time.

And remember- always cancel suggestion to pay in GBP (always choose local currency)

We travelled in India last month. The important thing is the exchange rate and how many Rupees in your account. You don’t say what your rupee account is. The GBP value of your Rupees will change every time the exchange rate changes. So today the rate is approximately 87 to the pound so your £100 should have appeared as 8,700 Rupees. Then you can check on the cost of coffee etc in Rupees. Hope this helps.