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Just joined, loaded my card with GBP but in the US now. Can I pay for my hotel bill with the virtual on my iphone card and do I need to convert my GBP to US dollars first?

Usually Hotels will require you to have a physical card if you pay at the counter, so I guess not.
But you can ask them of course if you can pay with a virtual card on premise. The chances are slim though from my experience.

For the second question, check the FAQ for a detailed answer:


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If your account is based on UK and you have GBP balance any USD transaction will be paid from there.

but as @slz mentioned, I doubt the hotel will allow you to pay without a physical card.

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Unless of course you also have a USD balance, sufficient to cover the purchase, in which case it will be deducted from that in preference to the GBP account.

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OK thanks for the info, will wait till my card arrives then.