Just a thought


Hi all,

I see here lots of topics stating all kind of problems with Revolut.
Fortunatelly I did not have any problems so far. Those small issues I had I was able to contact the support team (ok… sometimes it took too long… but I guess there’s no 1 support team member to 1 Revolut user…) and get the problems or queries solved.
I really enjoy Revolut. It does what it says, no problems using in my country or abroad and with my currency or different currencies.
Easy to associate to Paypal, possibility to change the PIN in some ATM, App very user friendly, great forum support (thanks Andreas for all help provided) and overall extremelly satisfied.
My only comment is the fact its not possible to top-up with debit card without CVV.
Other than that I just love Revolut and use it regularly.
Just wanted to state that sometimes reading more about how it works, what we can do and cannot do, it’s harder and takes more time, but this space should be used, in my opinion, for helping all users with problems that may arise instead of just complaining or using inappropriate language.

regards to all and have a great day