Just a series of question about Revolut

Hi all,

I’m quite new in Revolut and I have couple of questions just to be sure I understand the system.
Here is the current situation : I’ve got 2 accounts : one in euro, one other in pound.

  • If somebody in France transfert money from his back account to my Revolut account in Euro, the money I’ll receive will be transfert directly in the Revolut Euro account ? Without fee ?
  • If I pay with my Revolut card a amount in Euro, I’ll be directly debited in the Euro account ? Even the 1st account I’ve created was in pound ? Without fee ?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Bonjour @balthordu :slight_smile:

If it’s a transfer made from the EU and SEPA, if the originating bank doesn’t charge any fee the whole process is free :blush:

However, if it’s not from the UE, please check this:

Please read this carefully:

Long story short: the card will always use the best balance available for you, automatically, without any fee (keep the fair usage in mind, click here to check it). Please keep in mind there’s a small mark-up in FX during weekends as markets are closed :wink:


Hello @Juliopp

Thank you so much for your answers :slight_smile:
I appreciate.

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