Joint account

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I was wondering if it’s possible to have a joint account with my partner. The idea is to have two cards under different names linked to the same account. Can anyone tell me if this exists in Revolut?


at the moment that is not supported.

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You can have two cards on the same account. Who looks at the name on the card?

Why not just open two separate accounts? You’d get a card each, each person would get the £200 cash withdrawal limit per month, and you can instantly transfer funds between the accounts if the balance is getting low on one account.


I agree the joint account would be good.
Any other solution is not the same… Ideally you have cards with the correct name, two logins and the same budget, sort code and account number. Like any bank…

I’m using the second card for that, but wish we could do it properly.


A joint account would be great.


In our case, we have a joint investment account that pays dividends in dollars and euros but we can transfer them out ONLY into a joint account. So that is ‘why not two separate accounts’.

Revolut, you need to start offering Joint Accounts! It’s essential for many couples to have this. What’s the hold up?


I would also love to have this as a possibility. I wouldn’t even mind if we both got charged for the revolut premium service so that we could both access the same account. Currently, we have two cards linked to one account under my partners name but it is not ideal.

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In my opinion this does not replace a joint account (as in "account for a couple), as it disables a card to be used for personal expenses
It would be perfect to be able to add a second account for the same currency, and share it with another Revolut user


Thumbs up to this! Would definitely use this

Would totally love to have a joint account with Revolut, this would make Revolut my main account. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, joint account would be great. For couples and family especially is a must. Here in Germany retail banking and current accounts offer sucks. Stupid Girokarte works only with selected merchendasires and charge yout with ATM withdraw (not mentioning they are usually not contacless). So Revolut is the solution. If only had a joint account option…

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A Joint account is definitely something that keeps me and my family to use Revolut more.

Me and my wife both have separate Revolut accounts. We tried to use them as our first choice for daily groceries etc, but sharing a bill is just not the same as having a joint account balance.

That’s why we still keep a regular bank account as our first choice…

+1 for joint account :slight_smile:


Any news about shared accounts? This basically the reason why i dont use it as my main account.


I would open a joint account today if I could. My girlfriend and I want one pot that we each contribute to and then spend money for joint stuff through it. Would be really good if it were implemented.
So instead I have to go for an old-fashioned meeting at Barclays and do it like that.

Yes please! A joint account would be brilliant. We have investments that pay out in foreign currencies that can only be paid into a joint account.

As progress been made on making joint accounts available. I need to decide now whether to open a joint account with a bank or with Revolut. My preference would be Revolut

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I can’t believe how many times this has been asked for and for how long but still nothing. My wife and I would use daily Revolut if this existed.

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