Join Revolut Bank!

I’m seeing this banner on my app but other than the information when I click on this I can’t find anything else on this - not even here.

Is anybody going to bother joining the actual ‘bank’? Why/Why not? I can’t see any advantages personally. Am I missing something?

Do you have a screenshot?

Sure do:


Did you check out the FAQs regarding thins?


Yeah, thanks, I’ve seen that. But still very little info here really.

I’m wondering about things like (in no particular order): Will everyone eventually have to move over to the Revolut Bank? Will they pay interest on any of their accounts? Will this directly affect the way the current app works? Will they have a different (separate/better?) support network than the current one?

And again, I’m also curious about how many people are actually joining or whether it’ll end up closing down. There’s seems to be very little evidence of interest anywhere as far as I can see.

Anyway, thanks for the response.

Is it coming to Romania too? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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If they created bank, of course goal is to move over everyone. It will be done sooner or later.


Will this only be local for some countries or for all countries Revolut operates?

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I have another problem. I see “Join revolut bank” banner every time I launch the app but when I tap Begin it says “Something wrong. Try later”
So I can’t switch to the Revolut bank at all

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I have this exact same bug. Whenever I try to join the bank it keeps telling me that “something has gone wrong”. Is there a mod that can look into this? I have already submitted it as a bug, but it’s still there.

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You can either contact customer support directly via in app chat or through their Twitter account.

Still, i don’t understand why so many people want to change their Revolut bank entity. As of now there are no impactful differences between Revolut Bank and Revolut Payments UAB.

Only difference so far (bank vs e-money) seems to be deposit guarantee up to 100k eur. If they go bust, money will be returned by that scheme.

For me - I dont see that as valid reason to switch. I’m sure they will switch everyone at some point anyway.

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The credit card (available currently in two and soon rolled out to further two regions) is only available for bank customers.

If you apply for credit card does it mean that you must transfer your salary to revolut acc?

I have no idea, sorry. You could switch the country of the FAQs to Lithuania or Poland and see if they’ve maybe published informations there.

Can you revert back to normal revolut once you switch to “Revolut Bank” ? Or is it a one way change.

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